Black pepper: how does it impact testosterone

Black pepper: how does it impact testosterone

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29 Jun 2023

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  • Does black pepper help raise testosterone levels?
  • Different forms of black pepper are available.
  • The cons of black pepper
  • Black pepper is freely used in restaurants to add a bit of a kick to your meal, but how many stop to ponder the potential health benefits? 

    We hear plenty about how too much salt harms our system, but what about black pepper? Should we limit consumption or up the game? 

    An ever-increasing number of studies seem to conclude that plenty of potential health benefits are linked to consuming black pepper in moderation, so what of testosterone? 

    Could black pepper be the Holy Grail that helps to raise our lowering t levels?


    Does black pepper help raise testosterone levels?

    One of the primary reasons that black pepper is linked to testosterone is due to two of the main ingredients- magnesium and zinc

    Both these minerals are essential for producing hormones in males. They are linked to many of the health benefits brought about by having testosterone in our system, such as helping to create male sex hormones, sperm and sperm count. 

    It’s also a tremendous cardio-health promoter, and regular, modest consumption appears to help to lower blood pressure. It can also help with mood and act as an antidepressant, but without the side effects, you would expect if you were taking prescription drugs. 

    So it’s no wonder people are looking at black pepper to keep their testosterone levels up.

    The different forms of black pepper available.

    Black pepper is an acquired taste, but there are several options available if you want to take it as part of a meal or drink based on your own taste.

    In its whole form.

    Ground black pepper is excellent sprinkled on your salad or lean protein meat and is much more palatable in conjunction with other food. Creativity is the key, alongside your personal preference.

    Black pepper extract.

    Black pepper is also available in liquid form as a tincture. It tends to be much stronger than black pepper and is often taken as a quick way to warm the body during cold days.   

    Supplement powder/capsules.

    Black pepper supplements are available in various forms, from black pepper powder to capsules. 

    They’re sold on the back of black pepper’s numerous health benefits and are perfect for taking alongside a healthy diet and exercise program. 

    The pros of black pepper.

    Black pepper undoubtedly has plenty of health benefits, so many have a closer look and see what it can do for us.

    It’s great for digestion.

    Black pepper is excellent for digestive health as it helps to increase the secretion of enzymes in saliva, which aids in breaking down food into small molecules. It’s also great for treating issues such as diarrhea as it reduces fluid build-up in loose stools, which helps to reduce water and electrolytes from leaving the body.

    It helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

    A compound called Beta-caryophyllene contained in black pepper has been shown to have anesthetic properties and can assist in pain relief by blocking pain receptors. It can also reduce inflammation and has been known to help those suffering from conditions similar to arthritis. 

    It can enhance your mood.

    Black pepper has been shown to be an antidepressant, and unlike over-the-counter drugs, it comes without side effects. The high proportion of piperine in black pepper helps combat oxidative stress in the brain, reducing anxiety and improving the communication of messages from and to your brain and body. It also increases the release of happy hormones.

    It can help to reduce blood pressure.

    Once again, it’s the multi-beneficial piperine at work! The ingredient helps to prevent calcium from entering the blood vessels, which is great for lowering hypertension, and it widens the blood vessels to enable the blood to flow more smoothly.

    It helps with reproductive function. 

    Those who take black pepper regularly may encounter an increase in sex drive and fertility. It contains a high percentage of zinc and magnesium which is great for increasing the production of sex hormones and improving sperm concentration, thus helping to reverse male infertility.

    The cons of black pepper.

    With so many health benefits, are there any adverse side effects from taking black pepper?

    There may be issues with taking certain medications.

    In rare instances, taking black pepper alongside certain prescription medications may be inadvisable. This occurs when the piperine interacts with the medicine and inhibits the drug, which can be the case in certain medications used for epilepsy. It can also interact with blood-thinning medicines.

    It can cause skin irritations.

    In rare instances, black pepper can cause an allergic reaction which can cause parts of the skin to turn red. This is primarily due to vascular tissues filling with blood and fluid. On occasion, there can be a tingling sensation. It’s nothing to be concerned about, but if you experience these symptoms, reducing the amount of black pepper you consume may be best or stopping it altogether.

    It might cause issues with pregnancy. 

    Scientific research suggests that you don’t consume black pepper during pregnancy, as it can cause a burning sensation from within. Piperine- which has many health benefits, as we’ve already discussed- can harm pregnancy by inhibiting uterine contractions in women and cause issues during delivery or pregnancy.

    When we are looking to increase testosterone in the body, it’s not the lack of testosterone in the body which is the issue- it’s the symptoms that affect our bodies through low amounts of the hormone which we are looking to correct. There’s no doubt that, if used correctly, black pepper can help alleviate some of these issues. Not surprisingly, black pepper is one of the main ingredients in Testoprime- the perfect way to stop low testosterone in its tracks!